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Machine learning and data analysis are big business. The former shows up in new interactive and predictive smartphone technologies, while the latter is changing the way businesses reach customers. Learning R from a top-rated Adams instructor will give you a leg up in either industry.

R is the programming language of choice for statistical computing. Machine learning, data visualization, and data analysis projects increasingly rely on R for its built-in functionality and tools. And despite its steep learning curve, R pays to know.

What you'll learn
    About R Training:

    » use R to perform calculations with time and date based data
    » create models for time series data » use models for forecasting
    » identify which models are suitable for a given dataset
    » visualize time series data » transform standard data into time series format
    » clean and pre-process time series
    » create ARIMA and exponential smoothing models
    » know how to interpret given models
    » identify the best time series libraries for a given problem
    » compare the accuracy of different models

    What are the main objectives of this Course?
  • You will learn about different ways in how you can handle date and time data in R. Things like time zones, leap years or different formats make calculations with dates and time especially tricky for the programmer. You will learn about POSIXt classes in R Base, the chron package and especially the lubridate package.
Course Content:
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