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Whether you’re interested in preparing for an Oracle Administrator certification exam or simply using Oracle DB for your enterprise-grade application, Adams has a range of top-rated courses to help you get the job done. Learn how to use Oracle Database to store, manipulate and query data.  It takes you from fundamentals of databases to creating program units to implement business logic and rules using PL/SQL.
What you'll learn
    About Oracle Training:
  • Using multiple disciplines of programming, scientific methods and algorithms to process data in varied forms to extract meaningful information and insight. Converting large volumes of data in creative ways to generate business value is the primary objective of a data scientist. With the emergence of data mining and analytics playing key role in decision making process in organizations big and small, Data science has emerged as a key technology skill area.
    What are the main objectives of this Course?
  • Adams technology consulting services offers the best Data science Training program focusing on various aspects and dimension of learning. As data science is a multi-disciplinary module, Adams technology consulting services has put extra focus to ensure our data science curriculum covers all the industry relevant topics and subject. Our course curriculum has been prepared by trainers with real-time industry experience with a lot of emphasis on real-time case studies and assignments. The primary objective of the data science training is to help students and working professionals learn and master this latest technology which is of great demand in the market today.
    What are the skills that you will be learning in our Oracle Training?
  • Probability and Sampling distribution, Hypothesis testing focuses on helping students get on boarded to the idea of working on the data science applications and technologies. Extensive focus on understanding and processing Data is done to enable students work on data mining frameworks. Programming language like Python, R-programming and Machine learning and focused to help young data scientist to design and develop applications and framework for working on data processing and analytical applications. Multiple cases studies and use-case assignment are worked upon to get practical real-time understanding of the science of data processing.
    Who should go for this Course?
  • Data Science training program can be picked up by anyone with statistical and engineering background with good hands on with programming. The course is applicable to:

    » Engineer Graduates
    » Working IT professional from programming, web development and DBA fields
    » Software programmers
    » JAVA developers
    » .NET developers
    How will OracleTraining help your Career?
  • Data science open up opportunities in multiple discipline and ensure rewarding career opportunities to people with the right skill set. Data scientist can grab positions like:

    » Data Engineer
    » Machine learning engineer
    » Data science Generalist
    » Data analysts

    With organization recognizing the importance of data mining and data processing to have predictive model for businesses and design forecasting models, the need of data scientist has been on a upward swing and data scientist is listed as one of the top skill set to possess over the coming decade.
    What are the pre-requisites for Adams technology consulting services's Oracle Course?
  • Data science is for people with programming background. You need to have good programming skills and have sound understanding of Data management and processing and analysis. People from non-programming background with a flair for understanding programming and Data management and good understanding of statistical applications can also get into this program.
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