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The new-age digital currency was the outcome of this revolutionary new technology Blockchain. Blockchain technology allows data to be stored in distributed format without being copied at the destination system. Blockchain is today the most innovative and revolutionary technology ruling the internet. The technology is just at its nascent stage of development and has tremendous potential for application across the computing world.

We are seeing newer application being launched into the marked every passing day. The technology has even caught the attention of the Government agencies across countries, where it is being used to digitize and maintain social security information data in a secure manner over the internet.

Blockchain training program can be picked up by anyone with engineering background with good hands on with programming and internet based application development. The course is applicable to:

» Engineer Graduates
» Working IT professional from programming, web development and DBA fields
» Software programmers
» JAVA developers
» .NET developers

Blockchain Certification Process:

» Adams technology consulting services will provide a certificate to the students who successfully completed their Artificial Intelligence training. The certification will be provided within one week of the training completion.

» The certification will be given to the students who have successfully completed their projects and assignments on time.

Course Content:
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